Illustrating Streets of the World

I thought this is cool and interesting.  Sharing art of the world.  Enjoy?

Meet J.S. Graboyes, an illustrator of streets and urban scenes.

via Illustrating Streets of the World: The Art of Jeremy Graboyes — Discover



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This is our family’s 3rd year and we Love It! They have flexible class schedules, great meet and greets, as-well-as field-trips. Outstanding teacher communication, the staff is awesome, and the curriculum is exceptional.  Connections Academy is the perfect place for us. My child went through 5 schools of different types including online virtual until the 4th grade. Finally, we found Connections Academy and have been here ever since and Do Not plan on leaving anytime soon!


All families not matter what your personal life is like. Connections is another place that you can call home.  This is a public school, tuition free, and it’s global. They accommodate grades K-12,  put families first, and are always seeking feedback.  I can actually say; They do more than listen, they hear and implement what families have to say to a point.  Our voices are heard!

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As a Connections Academy Family,  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have and hear our testimonies (reply back here) or go to (LCAP and contact us).  The future is within our children. Connections Academy provides them the education they need to Fulfill their Dreams and Conquer their Goals.

Life Challenges

Dear Texans,

Hurricane Harvey has issued you a beaten’ and many have fallen’.  This is truly a poetic life challenge and change. The battle is not over! Keep standing FIRM and moving FORWARD in the mist of this tribulation.  We are praying for all of you and your families.

Sending our Love and Prayers,                                                                                                                              Life Challenges Are Poetic (LCAP)