Daily Word


flum·mox \ ˈflə-məks , -miks \

W Daily Verb

Confuse He was flummoxed by the legal jargon.

~a happy innocent who had been flummoxed by wily city slickers —Andy Logan

by: Merriam-Webster’s ~ flummox


Thank You

Scenery-Thank-You To all fellow bloggers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for following my blog and acknowledging the posts. This is a new area for me. I am learning the do’s and don’ts, what works and what doesn’t work. Most of all I am learning about others throughout the world. This is a remarkable new journey for my family and me. We have so much to share and so much to discover it’s overwhelming. However, that is life, and we stand firm and keep pushing forward. You all are greatly appreciated for going on this journey with us at LCAP. All of your stories and sharing makes a difference. As my family and I continue to grow, we invite you to stay with us and watch us grow. We are here for the long run and look forward to sharing our scattered life that seems straight but has twists, turn, loops, zig-zags, and more which keeps us busy and on our toes. We look forward to all your post of sharing.  HAPPY BLOGGING!!!THANK-YOU


Food 4 Thought

green and red healthy foodSeasonal items do not only pertain to materialistic things sold but the food we eat. Take a moment and think about how many different types of food are seasonal, or kinds of dishes in your favorite restaurant that are around for a short time. Yes, food is imported and exported but how fresh and natural are those foods that are being shipped rather than locally harvested Thoughts for food. Do you like to watch cooking shows or have favorite recipes that you look forward to in certain seasons of the year? Think about how your body would act during the seasons. In the summer where it’s hot, how does your body react to the heat? In the fall where it’s becoming mild but more cooling, not quite ready to bundle up. Winter settles in, and the layers of clothing start coming on. The cold medicine and remedies of all kinds disbursed. Spring we are ready for the hibernation to be over and slowly sprout up for some sunshine and we start to warm up and get the activities started again. How dNut-Liciousoes your body react to the different seasons? Now, look at the foods that you eat during the seasons. To point out a few things look at the fall and winter seasons. These times  of year people usually gain weight and eat home cooked hearty meals (Food for the Soul), food that sticks to your ribs and keeps you full for awhile. Spring and summer people usually lose weight. It’s getting warmer and hotter, time for lighter foods. Food that helps keep our bodies cool and refreshed, light and spunky. The mysterious questions are how can we have a balance throughout the year and still have all our right seasonal favorite fooOmega-3ds we love so much or is traditions to have during the seasons. A suggestion is to eat accordingly. Eat what is in season and what is all year. Don’t mix an out of season with the in season. Why do this? Well, just an experiment this possibly allows your body to naturally cleanse for each season, giving your body a chance to keep up as a whole and allowing yourself to adapt to the season. If other things are needed for whatever reason, then add them to your menu only for the time that it is required (cold, infection, injury, allergies, celebrations, something new, weight gain/loss, illness, etc.) and go back to the season of foods you are partaking. Mixing and matching aGoodThoughtsre great with seasonal and non-seasonal, try not to make it a habit and see if there is a difference. Try stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while and see what works. For some, it will work and others it won’t. The most important thing; “Everybody’s Different” what works for one may or may not work for another, stop trying to feed your body something that it doesn’t want. You never know until you try. One thing you must never do is put your health in jeopardy. Keep a journal, get to know your body. If things don’t feel right, STOP and figure out what is going on. Your health is everything and remember; this is only an opinion. “Only you!” know your body and what it is capable of doing. I tell all the kids that run in and out of my house when they ask me why I cook the way I do. I tell them, “A little bit of this and a little bit of that, helps the body tick instead of tock.”Body Fuel


May Birthday’s

Where has the time gone? Talking about inconsistency (goes to show my statement in another post). Better late than never. May has been a wild and interesting month. From school to kids, doctors appointments and activities, work and of course day to day life; got caught slipping. Before June rolls past us; May everyone live life to the fullest and respect life that is given and not take it for granted. Happy Birthday to all the May Birthdays. We hope that you had, have and will have a beautiful, safe day and month.


Challenges of Life

IMAG1037  It has almost been a year since I have started this blog. I have learned from other bloggers, family, acquaintances, strangers, kids, elders and life in general. As many of you have noticed I am not consistent with daily posting or what I post about, I am all over the board. However, that is life, all over the place. What people do with their lives are on an individual basis as is their journey through life. IMAG1054Life has a meaning, purpose, will, adventure, positivity, negativity, and so much more to offer. Some say when creating something you need to be consistent with what is shared. Capture your audience and keep them entertained. Keep them coming back at their will. Consistency, consistency, consistency is what has and needs to be done to be an achiever. What if you are a person that has limited consistency and bounces from place to place, but eventually returns back for another round with new flavors. Being consistent is very important. It helps to build structure and stability. It allows people to achieve growth to higher standards.IMAG1049 Creating opportunity, consistency pushes you to places not imaginable. Challenges of life can go only two ways; controllable and uncontrollable. It’s how you handle it through the process of life’s journey. Challenges of life are there for many reasons; there are no coincidences. As I walk on my path, there is always something new that I learn, a mistake   that I always make, and another step to keep climbing up. As I am not consistent with my sharing posts and far from perfect. I am consistent on my path of challenges in life. Keep moving forward, to keep doing what I do, how I do it, to the best of my ability and as an achiever.