Food 4 Thought

Ask yourself; F4T

How can you trust someone with your life and not love them?

Not saying to be in love, but too love a person, and not have love, but too whole heartily love.


Daily Word


 \TAN-tih-lyze\ tan·ta·lize \ ˈtan-tə-ˌlīz \

PowerOfWords VERB:

  • To tease or torment by or as if by presenting something desirable to the view but continually keeping out of reach

They were tantalized by the possibility of making a lot of money quickly.


by: Merriam-Webster: tantalize

Daily Word


\ ˈvāg \

wordsarelife1.png Adjective ~Noun:

  • not clearly expressed : stated in indefinite terms – vague accusations 

  • not clearly felt or sensed : somewhat subconscious

  • lacking expression: vacant ~ vague eyes ~ a vague stare

  • not thinking or expressing one’s thoughts clearly or precisely vague about dates and places

  • not sharply outlined : hazy

met by vague figures with shaded torchlights —Earle Birney 

by: Merriam-Webster: Vague-Vagueness:

Faces We Put On

masquerademask-b1-e1529990036296.jpg The faces people put on for different walks of life. Life is a fulltime job in itself; then there is everything else that draws attention and concern. There are parts controlled, and components cannot control. Life does not go in one direction no matter how hard we work at staying on a straight path. Life has its own agenda, and we have to handle it the best way we can. When you look at life, look at the world around you and remember that we all live underneath one roof. Humans are not perfect; we aren’t made that way.

There are so many positions that people are placed in or put themselves in. You thought that there are numerous career professions, try being around various personalities (different people, different cultures). As diverse the world is, an individual has to be just as if not more diverse. Take a moment to look upon your life past, present, and future. Ask yourself these questions. There are many more questions in life these are just some to help get you started.

  • Night & DayWhat do you see?
  • What do you want to see?
  • What do you want to see in yourself?
  • What don’t you want to see?
  • What are you scared of?
  • What are you running from and why?
  • What was your plan for your future before today?
  • What is the plan for your future after today?
  • Do you let life control you or do you control? And do you actually have control?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Are you a humble person and hold humility?
  • Are you continuously juggling life?
  • What pace of life if your comfort zone? And are you willing to get out of it to learn new things?
  • What is the meaning behind the differences of each face?
  • Does the faces relate to tradition or to life itself?

At the end of the day; did you put your best foot forward and make some type of accomplishments, adjustments, failures, or stay neutral? Easier said than done; Speaking from my own trials, errors, and success. Most of all have you been true to yourself and others while shuffling these covering faces? Or are those faces to hide one’s true self?

Daily Word


nos·tal·gia \ nä-ˈstal-jə , nə- also nȯ- , nō- ; nə-ˈstäl- \

To-days Word Noun:

  1. The state of being homesick: homesickness
  2. a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition; also: something that evokes nostalgia
  • A wave of nostalgia swept over me when I saw my childhood home.
  • He was filled with nostalgia for his college days.

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