The Invisible MS

Invisible DuelDealing with MS is a unique situation as it is dealing with any chronic sickness, illness, or disorder. What is harder than other disabilities is the invisible ones. What others cannot see sometimes do not believe, possibly judge, speak sarcastically, are biased, feeling negative or whatever feeling they are having. There are others who are thrown back because the unknown and invisible is new and interesting wanting to learn more. Then some people understand and are with you for the ride. The unseen can be just as bad as the unknown maybe even worse.Invisible Fight

Example: The unknown; You know that something is wrong and you don’t want to get things checked out because your scared of what results will surface. The invisible; Is people know what is going on, but the inside is causing all kinds of chaos without showing its face. Talking about another way to walk through life.


Illness InvisibleWhat can be bothersome at times are those who have adverse actions to those with MS or anything that is invisible disability to the naked eye. Just because people look healthy on the outside does not mean that they are 100 on the inside. They may seem like there day is perfect because there is a smile on their face, or there is continuous laughter, even in an enjoyable moment in time. Sometimes those smiles are, so people are not crying or screaming from the pain. The enjoyable moment in time is because tomorrow they have a series of testing, transfusions, medication, etc. knowing it is going to take a week or two to recover and start to feel normal again. Laughing is to not cry, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

Like the old saying goes “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER” you do not know what is on the inside until you have read the book.


A couple of web-sites to research more information on invisible disabilities! 

Invisible Disabilities Association                                                     Invisible Illness Week

  The Unknown


Food 4 Thought


How can you trust someone with your life? And not love them?

In whatever situation you are in, in life. Whatever road or path you are traveling. No matter where you are going. Depending on how life is at the moment in time or forecasting for the future. With an open mind and an unbiased heart, look deep within yourself and ask yourself, (How can I trust someone with my life? And not love them?)

Marinate [meditate] on it and don’t Thoughts for food think about the question. But, let the question absorb from the inside and ask yourself,  (How can I trust someone with my life? And not love them?) Be true to yourself and don’t lie or give yourself excuses; because at the end of the day, all you are doing is hurting yourself.

So, be honest from within your core.

Relax and ask yourself (How can I trust someone with my life? And not love them?)

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  • of, relating to, containing, or caused by mercury

Mercurius the Latin word for Mercury. Who it was said to be the messenger and herald of the gods and also the god merchants and thieves. The Latin adjective derived from his name mercurialis, meaning “of relating to Mercury.”

by: Merriam-Webster – Mercurial